About Us

Sikatio Manufacturing has gained a solid reputation in the manufacturing of high precision CNC Machining components in Mexico.

Engineers, Buyers and Project Managers appreciate our consistent quality, competitive prices and our renowned Delivery Time.

We appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our Knowledge, experience and capabilities in the manufacturing of our clients’ components. We are the right Nearshoring CNC Machining Supplier. If you need prototype manufacturing research and development, or production runs, we are your best option in terms of delivery time and reasonable costs.

Our dedication and commitment to quality, competitive rates and reliable delivery dates have enabled us to be consistently successful with our current and future clients.

Our experience is mainly centered on the manufacturing of components, from their prototype phase to their high volume production phase.

Sikatio Manufacturing began operations in 1992. The founding partners have 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of high CNC precision components.

In the last 10 years, Sikatio has expanded their installations, making a significant investment in equipment to increase their manufacturing capabilities to ensure quality in all our Contract Manufacturing CNC Machining Services.

Mechanical Design

We consider engineering design as support for your manufacturing needs and process improvement.


We provide engineering solutions that will improve the performance of your products and processes.

Replacement Parts

We respond quickly to your needs. We have an ample inventory of your components and replacement parts.

High and Low Volume Production Programs

We have the infrastructure necessary to cover all your needs, whether it’s a single piece or a 50,000 piece run.


Our Engineering Department will always aid in the beginning stages of product development to improve process’ flow.

CNC Precision Machining Services in Mexico

We have a large amount of high precision, and high production CNC machinery.